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In 1968 N.P.R Thandapani started a small stall in Theni old bus terminal making Thaali and decorative studs for it. He was initially an unwilling apprentice to his grandfather, Bangara Chettiyar. But the art of making a thaali that marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship was too enticing to turn away from. With his newfound purpose and innovative ideas, he was able to gain a sufficient customer base which signaled the movement to a small shop nearby.His continued growth leads to his foray into the gold scene in Madurai.

As years passed this business grew not only in numbers but in popularity. Customers started pouring in from neighboring villages and the next logical step was to take a leap of faith and acquire a shopping space of his. The turn of the 20th centurty was also favorable as people started aspiring for bigger things in life. Opening a 1000 square feet showroom in the center of the town on a major bus route connecting Theni and Madurai was no small feat. A single-story building came into being that defined how people's life will be decorated with modern and antique ornaments in Theni. The motto has never changed through all the difficult and happy times. It has always been about building a personal relationship with every customer who comes knocking on their doors.



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Our story starts in the year 1910 where a highly motivated man named Narayan Chettiyar running a one-man band, leading a revolution in the trading of essential commodities. His business was a hypermarket in ancient times, selling all essential home needs under one roof. It was a humble abode with a simple infrastructure but famous among the masses of Sahyadri, a mountain range leading into Theni.

This phenomenon gave rise to Bangara Chettiyar who followed in the footsteps of Narayana Chettiyar and formed a business of his own. He trained to be a goldsmith and became a specialist in making thaali with his headquarters at Allinagram. India was going through a difficult phase of financial depression then. He was a stoic businessman who was ready to endure the hardest of times. His staunch devotion to the trade of jewelry led him out of those difficult times. The trade became profitable and started attracting more customers. This is why he thought the next generation needs to be educated and decided to take his grandson Thandapani under his wings. What happened from there is nothing short of a miracle.